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I love a good story!  Ever since I can remember, I've been writing down the words in my head and trying to make sense of it all.  One of my earliest writing ventures was a short story contest for my elementary school mascot.  Go Beavers!  My principal's advice of "don't give up your writing" has stuck with me these *** years later.

I've tried my hand at poetry, news articles, stories and even a little screenwriting---lately focusing more on short stories and movie articles.  I like to write romance to mystery and anything in between.  As long as it keeps my interest, then it's fair game.  I tend to write a "happy for now but bad things could happen" feel.  I'm also "old school" when it comes to writing---which means I have a tendency to hoard more pens, paper and post-it notes than I'll ever need.  

Without a doubt I'm a Virginia girl!  Even though I love seeing other places the world has to offer, just like Dorothy said in "The Wizard of Oz", "There's no place like home!".  I still live within a stone's throw (not that I've tried) of the home in Central Virginia that I grew up in as well as my grandparents' home where I have many fond memories of music, movies, fun and good home cooking.

Most of the time I'm being called "Mom", "Mama", "Mommy", "Hey Mom" (you get the picture!) by my daughter who is forever active, even in her sleep.  I'm an unofficial cat whisperer and a pet human to a plethora of cats that have taken up residence at my home throughout the years.   I also love reading a good biography or ghost story, listening to good music---LOUD---walking, a good glass of sweet iced tea  and a quiet house right before everything wakes up for the day.  

Something else that I talk a lot about are movies!  That's something that I shared fondly with my own grandmother.  And while movies have changed over the years, my love for them hasn't.  I write movie mistakes articles for Bellaonline where I talk mistakes.  You'll find links to my current Bellaonline Movie Mistakes articles on the site as well.

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